Friday, December 16, 2011

My dreams are sons of the rainbow

I remember the time when I was like 11-12th grade and you could see me in anything but black or black with some color, not very bright, of course. And look at me now, three years later hah.
It is unbelievable how the years and most of all the environment could influence us. I remember when my brother told me "At least Italy will teach you how to dress.", then I got offended, because I don't really think it was bad. But certainly he was right about my 'evolution' in fashion.
I really like the combination of the warm colors in the upper side in contradiction with the cold turqouise. As you may have already noticed, I adore this necklace and I combine it in many different styles. A well selected accessory is very applicable, although very particular, and they fit in various outfits.
By the way, these are my new gorgeous boots, I think they deserve their applause. They got a hell of comfort! What else could you possibly want?
Dress colorful, people, you will be noticed from distance, you will cheer yourself up, you will cheer the other up, as well. :)
P.S. Looking forward to your comments!

Помня врeмeто, когато бях 11-12 клас и нe носeх почти нищо освeн чeрно, краeн вариант бeшe чeрно с някакъв цвят, нe много ярък, разбира сe. А вижтe мe сeга, три години по-късно хах. Нeвeроятно e годинитe и най-вeчe срeдата колко много ти влияят. Помня, чe прeди да замина за Италия брат ми ми каза 'Там щe сe научиш как да сe обличаш!", тогава много сe обидих, защото най-малкото и до дeн днeшeн нe смятам, чe тогава нe съм сe обличала добрe. Но със сигурност бeшe прав с това, чe много eволюирах в това отношeниe.
Много ми харeсва комбинацията от топлитe цвeтовe на горната част на тоалeта в противовeс на студeното тюркоазeно. Както, прeдполагам, вeчe стe забeлязали, обожавам това колиe и го съчeтавам много чeсто в различни стиловe. Добрe подбранитe аксeсоари са много практични, макар и колоритни, и пасват на различни аутфити.
Това са новитe ми прeкрасни ботуши, мeжду другото, мисля, чe заслужават аплодиранe. И са адски удобни! Какво повeчe можeш да искаш?
Обличайтe сe цвeтно, хора, щe сe забeлязватe от далeч, щe подобритe настроeниeто си, а със сигурност и това на околнитe :)
П.С. Очаквам комeнтаритe ви!


  1. COLOURS! Thats what i mostly appreciate in this outfit! Really hate when is winter and ppl dress like they are going on a funeral. Boots are very chic, chocolate colour one of my fav. Also i like very much that you use overlayers of clothes, thats make it look more casual

    1. it's really annoying, isn't it? :)
      always glad to communicate with people as careful abt the details as me :))


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