Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring is coming!

Най-сетне дойдоха цветни пролетни дни, които започнах с черно-сив тоалет. Бях забравила какво е да излезеш с жилетка ( и шал най-много) и да ти е перфектно.
Моя близка приятелка ми каза 'Като те видях отдалеч и в гръб, не те познах и си казах, че е някоя много стилна и по-възрастна от нас дама', има нещо в тоалета, който говори за една по-улегнала елегантност наистина, не мога да кажа кое точно, може би не е нещо отделно, а цялата композиция.
Тези дни не бях никак активна в блога, но ще се поправя обещавам. :)

Spring colorful days finally came and I opened the season with a black and grey outfit.
I forgot what was the feeling to go out with a cardigan and be just fine.
A close friend of mine told me "Today when I saw you from a distance, I didn't recognize you and I told to myself  'She is a stylish, older than us, lady'". There is something about the outfit that refers to a settled elegance, I'm not sure, I think there is no piece that does it but the composition in general.
These days I was a baad, bad blogger, but I promise - these days are over.

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  1. I like the way you look and I don't think you look older,just more respectable like 'Dear Italians/only the male ones/,watch out!


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