Thursday, July 3, 2014


Here there are some random photos I posted on my Instagram profile: @gabrieladafuturegspot and on my Facebook page.
What I like about social media profiles and Instagram, in particular, when it comes to blogs, is that you see a blogger's personal life. It's not about all about the posing-showing-off-my-new-purse anymore, it's about the regular days, the routine. It's about seeing what a blogger looks like on an everyday basis. What does he do in his free time, what does he work or study, what kind of lifestyle does he have, what does he read and does he practice some sports>
What makes him feel happy when everything around is going down.
It's about seeing what makes a blogger an interesting person.

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 Shoes and purse Cinti

Sandals random brand and high-waist trousers Bershka

H&M blouse

 Choies skirt

 Calliope blazer, Fossil watch

 Boyfriend jeans H&M

 A gift for my love Riccardo from my trip to Milan

Riccardo's birthday gift, personalized artisanal pantoffel mocassins in red velvet

 Happy breakfast

 Practising some contouring

 Saturday nights fever

 Some new goodies

 Blonder and blonder

Valentino-inspired shoes and Choies handmade corset